Absent Healing

Absent healing is Reiki sent without the person being present and is also sometimes called ‘distance healing.’  Reiki can be sent to the past, the present or the future and works on all levels (mental, emotional, physical or spiritual) as with a traditional Reiki treatment.  Only someone who is trained to Reiki level II and above can do this, however anyone can send healing using their intent.  When you are attuned to Reiki level II or above, the energy has a clear pathway to travel along by using the Reiki symbols.    Honshazeshonen

Each session only lasts around 15 minutes as the energy can be more intense when sent in this way.

What happens during a Treatment?
Depending on the requirements of the recipient, by prior agreement the Reiki will be sent to that person immediately.  It is worth noting that if the Reiki is to be sent immediately, then the recipient may want to lay down in order to receive this energy.  Or alternatively, the Reiki will be sent for the recipient to receive ‘when it is most appropriate for them’ and in accordance with their higher self.

If you are interested in a first complimentary Absent Healing session, then please contact me via email/telephone. All subsequent sessions carry a small charge or you can access my service through the virtual store on Simbi here: Simbi.

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